Contemporary Literacy

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Contemporary Literacy by Mind Map: Contemporary Literacy

1. Why Literacy Focus?

1.1. 1. Rapid Change

1.2. 2. Lifelong Learning

1.3. 3. Contemporary Literacy (Learning Literacy) = Lifelong Learning

2. Contemporary literacy applies to contemporary information environment

2.1. Networked Information

2.1.1. Reading

2.1.2. Exposing What's True Finding Information Decoding Information Evaluating Information Understanding Information in Context Web Links

2.2. Digital Information

2.2.1. Arithmetic

2.2.2. Employing the Information Working with lots of numbers Working with digital numbers Working with digital (numbers) content "Working the information" Web Links

2.3. Abundant Information

2.3.1. Writing

2.3.2. Expressing Ideas Compellingly Text Images Audio Animation Video Web Links

2.4. Flows without Containers

2.4.1. Ethical Context Info-Responsibility Info-Property Info-Infrastructure Web Links