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Brenda Brathwaite by Mind Map: Brenda Brathwaite
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Brenda Brathwaite


  Brenda Brathwaite is a professional game designer, as well as a professor of game design at Savannah College of Art and Design. As a game designer she has worked on over 20 video games, including several board games. Major titles she contributed to as the lead designer include Wizardry 8,and Jagged Alliance 2. She has also published a book on the subject of sexuality in video games and has been especially outspoken on the subject of censorship in video games.   Some of the series she has worked on: Wizardry and Jagged Alliance,  Def Jam: Icon, Playboy: The Mansion, Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes

Wizardry 8

Released in 2001, this was the first game in the "Wizardry" series to feature full 3D graphics (which were, at the time, quite good). The game featured updated interfaces from older "dungeons and dragons" style gameplay. During production, the company involved with the game, 'Sir-Tech' went bankrupt and the game was rushed to shelves. The goal of the game was to collect 3 artifacts [a continuation of the previous game's story] before the villain.    


Screen Shots [comparison]

Jagged Alliance 2

Released in 1999. A tactical RPG had players in charge of a squad of mercenaries hired by the ex-ruler of a country in order to over-throw his new wife that overthrew him.


Screen Shots  


A board game developed by Brenda Brathwaite in a series of board games created (during her Hiatus from digital game) with the purpose of teaching the feeling of certain historical situations that can't be acquired from "facts on a chalkboard."   Game played on broken glass window. 3 trains. Goal: Get as many people onto the trains and to their destination while avoiding obstacles [picking up cards that send you forward or back/slower or faster], and be the first one to do so. Players are forced to shove the little pieces in to fit as many as possible. Once players reach the end they pick up a card telling them the destination they reached [Auschwitz, Dachau, etc].

Andrew Greenburg

Co-creator and designer of the original Wizardry game. Although is apparently now a patent attorney.