Amy's Action Plan

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Amy's Action Plan by Mind Map: Amy's Action Plan

1. Get involved in Nursing

1.1. Get to know my professors

1.1.1. Take advantage of office hours at least once/month (every class)

1.1.2. Don't be afraid to ask questions in lecture

1.1.3. Clarify assignments/classwork via email and respond (professionally) to every email

1.2. Take advantage of free tutoring

1.2.1. Go to every chemistry Supplemental Instruction

1.2.2. Go to NEST drop-in tutoring

1.2.3. Go to SWAT university tutoring

1.3. Get to know my classmates better

1.3.1. Reach out to study together

1.3.2. Make friends to hang out with outside of class

1.4. Participate in additional activities the program provides

1.4.1. Be Confederate in Simulation Lab

1.4.2. Join a club geared toward nursing Association for Nursing Students (UIANS)

2. Study Abroad

2.1. Study over the summer (Junior year)

2.2. Choose somewhere that interests me

2.3. Use trip as Honors "experience" requirement

3. Participate in research

3.1. Research in Nursing

3.2. Research I can make money from participating in

4. Volunteer

4.1. At least once a semester

4.2. Experiment with different activities

4.2.1. Volunteer at hospital(s)

4.2.2. Volunteer in non-medical opportunity

4.2.3. Philanthropy through my sorority

4.3. Take a leadership role in at least one

5. Join clubs/organizations outside of Nursing

5.1. Join a sorority

5.1.1. Learn to balance social/academic life

5.2. Join a club that interests me

5.2.1. For pure enjoyment

5.2.2. Do something with art

5.2.3. Try to fit club lacrosse in

6. Make goals for myself each semester

6.1. Physical goals

6.1.1. Stay active, frequent the Rec

6.1.2. Try to walk places rather than take the bus

6.1.3. Get sufficient sleep and eat right

6.2. Mental/Emotional goals

6.2.1. Learn to handle stress in a healthy way

6.2.2. Identify my stressors and control them

6.2.3. Find healthy ways to relieve stress

6.2.4. Do something for myself (outside of school) every day

6.3. Academic goals

6.3.1. Maintain my required GPAs (Nursing and Honors)

6.3.2. Develop good study habits

6.3.3. Train myself to not procrastinate

6.4. Spiritual goals

6.4.1. Stay involved with my church Go to Mass every week Go to Catholic/Christian events Maintain a relationship with God Pray