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CogniFit by Mind Map: CogniFit

1. **Cool Math Games**

2. **IQ Test**

3. **Mini Crossword: Brain Game**


5. **Blogs**

5.1. IQ Test: Measure and Boost Your Child’s Intelligence

5.1.1. IQ Test: Discover Your True Intelligence

5.2. IQ Test – Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

5.3. Cool Math Games to Help with Your Child's Enrichment

5.3.1. Cognifit Mini Crossword & Cool Math Games

5.3.2. Cognifit Challenges: Mini Crossword, Chess & IQ Tests

5.3.3. IQ Boosters: Cognifit Mini Crossword, Chess & Cool Math Games

5.3.4. Sharpen Your Mind: Cognifit Mini Crossword, Chess & IQ Tests

5.3.5. Mind Gym: CogniFit Mini Crossword & Chess Challenges

5.3.6. CogniFit: Mini Crossword, Chess & IQ Test

5.3.7. Train Your Brain: Mini Crossword & IQ Test Combo

5.3.8. Mental Marathon: Mini Crossword, Chess & Solitaire

5.3.9. Cool Math Games: The Gateway to Slacking Off in Class!

6. **Brain Game: Solitaire**

7. **Play Chess Online**