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Alg 1 Lesson Ideas by Mind Map: Alg 1 Lesson Ideas
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Alg 1 Lesson Ideas



Translating into words

MARS matching

Linear functions


Domain and Range


Equations to stories

Desmos for y=mx+b

Slope Intercept Race


Linear Regression

Patterns for Slope Intercept

Walking lab

Fawn patterns

A specific pattern

Meyer stacking

There is a video of this in graphing videos that could move the discussion along.

Algebra Toolbox

Slope Intercept warmup

Graphing warm up

In n out burger

Putt Putt Golf, Desmos, D&R

Bungee Barbie

Rule of Four

In Google drive under Alg 1 200

Is it linear?

Horiz slope

A plus Desmos

Mathalicious Dominos

y=mx+b rap

Rise Up, Run Out

Match my line (Desmos)

Marbleslides (Desmos)

Classroom Activities



Bourassa Exeter



Quizzes in videos

Braingenie, Flexmath

Put links to relevant practice sections on class web site as year goes on?

First day



Block Games

Row Games

Put them in one to one folder in education folder on my documents. Good ones for slope and exponents. also here: rational expressions one

Dot Game

I Speak Math Summary

Up and About


Tic Tac Toe

Group Practice

Teacher puts up a problem. Everyone works on it - students may work with anyone else in the room that they want to until everyone is done. A random student is chosen who puts their work under the document camera and explains what they did. If they are correct, the class gets a point. For every one/two/three (depends on how generous I'm feeling) points the class earns, a homework problem is removed from that night's assignment. When presenting this activity, I make it very clear that if a student has the wrong solution, it's an issue for the class, not for that student - the class wins or loses as a group. Therefore, everyone has the responsibility of making sure they check what they have with others and get help if they are confused and everyone has the responsibility of checking in with others to make sure that no one is sitting alone and confused. Kids seem to take the idea of group responsibility very seriously when we do this. Maybe it's a middle school thing, but kids are running around the class, talking with each other, arguing about whether their answer is correct or not, and reaching out to kids they see sitting by themselves. The group responsibility piece also makes kids that would rather just sit on the sidelines or be quietly confused work harder and engage more fully since they don't want to let their peers down. When I first tried this, I worried that kids would feel the pressure in a bad way, but instead, it seems to result in an increase in support and encouragement, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.



Web Resources to try Using algebra to solve interesting problems student response system

Hot Seat Review




Speed Dating


Solve, Crumple, Toss

Google apps

Flapping Bird

Origami and math

Big Ugly Spider

Old maid, pair up cards and don't get left with the spider. Any problems can be used, problem and answer form pairs



Diaper intersections


idea behind

Exponential fcns


Problem Based

3 Acts

Summary of all of 'em

Deconstructing, Fawn

Notice and Wonder

Talking Points

Maps from Justin

Modeling, Sequences, Series

Graphing stories

Sequences worksheet

Math and Blue Crabs



Dice Activity

Zero Product Property

Cool Video


Slide and Divide

MARS matching

Investigating graphs

Basketball quadratics

Mem Quad form


More Desmos

Solving Jeopardy

More videos

Pyth Thm videos

MJ Hang time video


Correlation activity

Module 2, NY

Nice summary

Line of Best Fit, Gapminder

Old Math Dog lessons

Review Ideas



Real Numbers

Zero Game

Power Up Game

Abs Value blackjack

New Idea

Solving Equations

Tic Tac Toe game

Math Magic

Square Puzzle


Algebra Toolbox

Desmos arith to alg

one step game

Add it up


I have who has

Approximating radicals in a SBAC thing

Exponents song


Foil Joke

Add and Sub PP


phone battery

Function concept

Real world to graphs

Functions with features




Outline 5-12-13

Warm Ups


online whiteboard

Tablet PC teacher