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Finch- Malawi by Mind Map: Finch- Malawi

1. Actions

1.1. Finch to chat to nominating agencies- interests

1.2. Ask about aligning deveopment of masters with PhD

2. Physical Activity

3. Community outreach

3.1. Rehabilitation

3.2. Education

3.2.1. health literacy

3.2.2. access to healthcare

3.2.3. Patients, carers, helthcare workers, community leaders

3.2.4. linked to physical activity

4. What is the problem?

4.1. Health literacy?

4.2. Understanding of physiotherapy?

4.3. What model works in community Malawi?

5. Where will we get funding?

5.1. Commonwealth Scholarship


6. Masters in Physiotherapy in Malawi

6.1. Capacity related to educators

6.2. Anderson completed a needs assessment

6.3. Parallels between developing MSc and doing a PhD

6.3.1. Educational PhD Needs of Malawi Co-creation curriculum Co-create training for staff