TEDx in Asheville : Communications Meeting 3/22 @ Masonic Temple 1030a-1230p

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TEDx in Asheville : Communications Meeting 3/22 @ Masonic Temple 1030a-1230p by Mind Map: TEDx in Asheville : Communications Meeting 3/22 @ Masonic Temple 1030a-1230p

1. TECH Needs

1.1. Jose & Blake are doing the DNS

1.2. Anne M2 - building initial list for users

1.3. Logan/Blake - to build usergroups, aliases, etc

1.4. Start to implement with the Leadership Team to prepare for April 26th LT meeting

1.4.1. ex. Video Assets from Salon

1.4.2. ex. Audio/Document Assets from LT meetings

1.4.3. Photos/Video/Audio archive system? Picasa? youtube? googleapps?

2. Next Steps

2.1. Google Drawing of the Organizational Structure

2.2. improve existing meeting mindmap into Committee 1st, then reverse chrono 2nd

2.3. file nomenclature for assets

2.3.1. 1. Committee

2.3.2. 2. Subcommittee

2.3.3. 3. Subject

2.4. templates for meeting notes

3. i. Meetings grounded in CDEF

3.1. Collaborative

3.2. Driven by vision

3.3. Effortless

3.4. Fun

4. ii. Identify functions needed

4.1. Review map from Anne M2 & Brett

4.2. Include a timeline for each function

4.3. One of our goals is sustainability... keep that in mind.

4.4. Keep tech simple for most users involved.

4.5. Internal

4.5.1. How do we store SHARED assets? Jennifer Saylor - we are getting a laptop donated... (?) File naming strategy

4.5.2. Calendars - how do they all overlap, where is the big picture Leadership Team Volunteers Events & public calendar

4.5.3. Task Management GQ's $25/1user - 25 users = free

4.5.4. Splitting off into project groups...

4.5.5. Relationship Management Speakers/Presenters Sponsors

4.6. External

4.6.1. What are our PR etc, paths?

5. iii. Identify tools available

5.1. Discuss tools we have already used

5.1.1. Basecamp + groups maintained - reply to all + shared task checking + messaging everyone involved - not easily learned

5.1.2. GoogleGroups

5.1.3. Mailchimp

5.1.4. Website/Wordpress & Drupal

5.2. Discuss tools others have used in the group

5.2.1. Google Apps for groups User Groups link to all groups Contact Groups

5.2.2. GQueues

5.2.3. Followupthen

5.3. Discuss tools needing research and testing

5.3.1. TEDxLondon - participants, emails, friending, etc...

5.3.2. GiFT - onewhoserves

5.4. Create a function list for how each tool, including interactivity between applications

6. iv. Create a gameplan for initiating the communications plan

6.1. What needs to happen now?

6.1.1. Websites Updated How do they link together?

6.2. What infrastructure do we need?

6.3. Who is going to implement it?

6.4. When can we expect to test it and when can we expect to RUN with it!?

6.5. What is the timeline for implementing the rest of it all?

6.6. What kind of documentation needs to be developed in order to successfully implement a cross-platform engagement strategy, specifically at the Leadership Team level?