Cross-Country Skiing

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Cross-Country Skiing by Mind Map: Cross-Country Skiing

1. Anaerobic Energy System

1.1. Role: Supports high-intensity bursts

1.2. Connection: Used during uphill or intense sections of the course

2. Aerobic Energy System

2.1. Role: Long-duration energy production

2.2. Connection: Main energy system used during the majority of the race

3. Body Composition

3.1. Role: Ideal skier physique (lean muscle mass)

3.2. Connection: Affects efficiency and speed

4. Body Weight

4.1. Role: Influences speed and endurance

4.2. Connection: Lighter weight can improve endurance and performance

5. Carbohydrates

5.1. Role: Provide quick energy

5.2. Examples: Whole grains, fruits

5.3. Connection: Crucial for maintaining high intensity during races

6. Fats

6.1. Role: Fuel for prolonged activity

6.2. Examples: Nuts, avocados

6.3. Connection: Provide sustained energy for enduranc

7. Proteins

7.1. Role: Muscle repair and recovery

7.2. Examples: Lean meats, legumes

7.3. Connection: Important for recovery and muscle maintenance

8. Phosphagen Energy System

8.1. Role: Provides short bursts of energy (ATP-PC system)

8.2. Connection: Relevant in sprint sections of the race