Kill Procrastination

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Kill Procrastination by Mind Map: Kill Procrastination

1. Slideshare presentation by Brady Gilchrist on Apr 26, 2010

1.1. slideshare, 60 slides

1.1.1. but no download wonderful graphics

1.2. Intro

1.2.1. "P is about not having projects that really reflect your goals" well, my P over menial things

1.2.2. Amplify things in life that give greatest satisfaction I need a list of these what do you really do each day? at home? at work? noticed weekends passing uneventfully

1.2.3. What would happen in 5 years if you continue as today? Einstein quote

1.2.4. Nothing happens without hard work The Lazy do not succeed (in general)

1.2.5. Focus and you will achieve what is focus?

1.2.6. Success is not a place or state but a spirit with which to undertake and continue a journey

1.3. KPP Strategy

1.3.1. why, when, what actually prefer this W3 name

1.3.2. Know fatigue from nagging of an uncompleted task anxiety can focus your attention write down what stops you from sleeping? what brings you the most satisfaction? convert into tasks tasks agreement with self to complete something completion is permission to move on always need to know when a task is done otherwise endless endless conversations identifiable end know where finish line is inventory of steps towards your desires this inventory and why you have it define the Know have this is first step to wiping out P

1.3.3. Plan Lost time is never found all tasks need a duration link to calendar requires estimation better over time start out with easy wins no plan, no point

1.3.4. Push P hits here, the doing claims multi-tasking is a myth Invention of American business trade flowing through a specific task for jumping between different tasks how to concentrate has ten specific methods, not list here maybe the timer is a good idea