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Underground by Mind Map: Underground

1. Music

1.1. Rap/Hiphop

1.1.1. Underground Rap Non commercial No Big cashgrab behind the Rapper Indepent Rappers The Notorious Big 2Pac Wutang Clan Jay-Z Mobb Deep

1.1.2. Conscious Rap Political hip hop A way to comment on politics and other social problem via Rap Fuck tha polica by N.W.A Stop the Violence

2. Transport

2.1. Metrosystems

2.1.1. London underground Big stations Important for society Lot of history

2.1.2. New York City Subway

2.2. Tunnels

2.2.1. Euro Tunnels France to England High-Speed Rail

2.2.2. Gotthard base tunnel Switzerland Longest Railway tunnel