Global Ayurveda Marketing Roadmap

This Marketing Roadmap of Global Ayurveda represents the complete mapping & Structure on which Marketing Plans should be based

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Global Ayurveda Marketing Roadmap by Mind Map: Global Ayurveda Marketing Roadmap

1. Brand Building

1.1. A Professional Website

1.2. Search Engine Optimization (Google)

1.3. Social Media Marketing (YouTube, Instagram & Facebook)

1.4. Content Creation (Videos, Carosels & Blogs)

1.5. Ads Retargeting

1.6. Business Directories and Web Listings

1.7. Reviews & Positive Feedbacks (Across Social Media and web in video & Carosel formats)

2. Product Selling

2.1. Personal Ecommerce Store (Will be included in Website)

2.2. Online Marketplaces (like Amazon, 1mg, pharmeasy and more)

2.3. Social Media Product Push (Organic Audience)

2.4. Product Advertising Campaigns (Social Media & Google Ads)

3. Wholesale Marketing

3.1. Postings in Medical Forums & Groups

3.2. Listing on Wholesaler Marketplaces (like Indiamart)

3.3. Global Business Web Listings

4. Local Audience Targeting

4.1. Google Business Optimization & Postings

4.2. Ads Targeting for Local Region