Sales Manager Recieved And Create Order

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Sales Manager Recieved And Create Order by Mind Map: Sales Manager Recieved And  Create Order

1. Deliveryman picking up the orders

2. Prepare the 2 copies to the correct Shop

3. Prepare the Correct Quantity to each shop follows the invoice

4. Bring the Products and Invoices and confirm with the Shop Owner/ Manager/ Employee

5. Correct Order: After Confirm Quantity, Place the products on the shelf. Ask for the signature for the invoice - take back to the office.

6. Incorrect Order: In the Occasion of Wrong Sales Order, Wrong Product, Damaged Product, Missing of Product, ... Contact the Sales Manager to Finalize Situation. *Hand Fixing* by the Shop can only be accepted when the deliveryman notice Sales Department before it.

7. The Shop Owner/ Manager/ Employee who in charger have to sign the invoice on every delivery. Some shop will pay on delivery/ Others will pay at the end of each month

8. After the Delivery

9. At the shop

10. Prepare to Re-Delivery after adjustment of the mistake.

11. In case of Unable to contact the Sales Manager, Driver must text or notify S.M later that day.

12. Collect the invoices and bring it back to the office.

13. Return The Expired Product Correctly

14. Penalty

15. Delivery time

16. Caculated the easiest and fastest path way

17. On Delivery hour, DO NOT DO outside works other than deliver work. Causing Damage on Product.

18. Deliver to the shop

19. Penalty


21. Prepare Invoices for each Delivery

22. 2 copies of invoices.

23. Falafel 2 miếng (size burger)

24. Hummus Product

25. Deliveryman check the Quantity (New & Return) and the Quality.

26. Falafel Product

27. Falafel 50 miếng (size nugget)

28. Falafel 15 miếng (size nugget)

29. Prepare Cotton Box/ Carry Bags *Keep the Box and Carry Bag Clean *

30. Prepare Dry Ice

31. Depends on the Quantity and Temparature outside. Driver needs to be careful not to keep the products on Delivery for too long - Causing the product to be expired much faster .

32. Falafel Dough (không có bột đậu gà)

33. 300g

34. 1kg

35. For Restaurant - Confirm Sale No need to do Exchange

36. Falafel ( Expired date: 1 year after production day Exchange when needed

37. SB: Sốt đậu gà Truyền thống (400g)

38. SS: Sốt đậu gà truyền thống (200G)

39. RB: Sốt đậu gà Ớt chuông (400g)

40. RS: Sốt đậu gà ớt chuông (200g)

41. Hummus Expired date: 8 days after production day Exchange whenever needed

42. Falafel Dough (có bột đậu gà)