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School Office by Mind Map: School Office

1. admin

1.1. role?

1.2. big issues?

1.3. successes?

1.4. what goes unnoticed by students?

2. front desk

2.1. observations?

2.2. common problems?

3. services

3.1. to student body?

3.2. to teachers?

4. setting

4.1. work environment

4.2. school environment

5. stuco

5.1. admin pros?

5.2. admin cons?

5.3. biggest problems?

5.4. biggest concerns?

5.5. what works well?

5.6. what has improved?

5.7. what needs to improve?

6. rules

6.1. how are they decided?

6.2. how is disagreement dealt with?

6.3. social

6.4. educational

7. student body

7.1. what do you go to the school office for?

7.2. what do you think is the school's biggest problem?

7.3. which rules have worked?

7.4. which rules need to help?

7.5. are there any rules that should be added?

8. teachers

8.1. which new rules have helped the learning experience?

8.2. which new rules could/should be established to improve the learning experience?

8.3. how does this experience compare to experiences in other places? what do you miss/what do you like?

8.4. math, social studies, english, science, language, physical education, art, tec

9. parents

9.1. how aware are you of problems at SAS?

9.2. where do you find out about events at SAS?

9.3. what about SAS do you like?

9.4. what about SAS do you think needs to improve?