Wilson's 14 Points

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Wilson's 14 Points by Mind Map: Wilson's 14 Points

1. Dispute regarding colonies must be decided

1.1. By taking in account insterest of the people living and governing country of the area

2. Belgium Independence must be restored from German occupations

2.1. The 1839 Treaty of London guaranteed Belgium's independence and neutrality, and was signed by all the major European powers

3. Alsace and Lorraine to be returned to France

3.1. It was seized by Germany in one of the Wars

4. Borders around Italy must be adjusted to match to the people living there

5. Self Determination

5.1. Different ethinic groups living in Austro-Hungarian Empire shall have their own independent countries

5.2. :-the right of an ethinic group to their own independent country instead of living in a country dominated by a different ethinic group

6. Ottoman Empire

6.1. Turkish part of Ottoman Empire should form one country

6.2. Other nationalities within the country should form thier own countries

7. League of Nations

7.1. Guarantee the independence of all member countries and secure borders

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8. German Troops must leave Russia

9. No more Secret Treaties

9.1. Why???

9.1.1. Problematic when Bolsheviks Goverment published previous regime's Secret treaties(1917)

10. No restrictions on ships sailing the seas anytime

11. Barriers to free Trade should be removed as they created economic power struggle between countries

11.1. Quotas:-Strict quantity of good that can be exported or imported under goverment control

11.2. Tariff:-A tax imposed by goverment that has to be paid on imports and exports

12. Armaments(weapons) should be reduced to the level of defense

12.1. So that military force cannot be used for aggression

13. New countries created

13.1. Romania,Serbia and Montenergo should be created

13.2. Serbia should have free and secure access to the sea

14. Independent Poland should be created

14.1. With access to the sea