Delivery Driver Problem

Delivery Driver Problem as seen on Canva!

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Delivery Driver Problem by Mind Map: Delivery Driver Problem

1. Problem

1.1. We do not know where the delivery drivers are

1.1.1. There are no credentials required to use ameneties This means the delivery drivers could end up in places they are unauthorised to go

1.2. The delivery drivers do not know where to go

1.2.1. This ends in them getting lost and having to walk around aimlessly

2. Solution

2.1. When they are registered at the maingate (on the security computer) each driver will be assigned to a (temporary) RFID card which will be associated with the flats that the driver is delivering too and the name of the driver

2.1.1. In all the towers on all floors and in the lift there will be a RFID scanner that will find out which flat they are delivering to and if they are supposed to be there or not If they are not supposed to be there then the RFID reader will connect to the Rasberry Pi via Bluetooth and send the message The Rasberry Pi (placed strategicaly on every 5 floors) will use WiFi to send the message to the security computer

2.2. When they are registered the security will enter the details into a panel (on the security computer) which will automaticaly fill the details into MyGate as well as a mapping software which will generate a QR Code which leads to a map of PBEL City with the best route pre-calibrated and ready to use

2.2.1. It will give directions like Google using the location data Google collects

3. Hardware

3.1. Rasberry Pi

3.1.1. To gather and communicate data

3.2. RFID Tags

3.2.1. For the drivers' phones

3.3. RFID Scanner/Reader

3.3.1. To detect when and which delivery driver is in the vicinity

3.4. Security Computer

3.4.1. To recieve and send messages, the brain

3.5. Card Reader

3.5.1. To send messages to alert the driver via the cable (USB C, Apple Lightning, etc.)

4. Software

4.1. MyGate

4.1.1. Will alert the residents that their delivery is arriving

4.2. Panel Software

4.2.1. Will automatically fill the map software as well as MyGate

4.3. Bluetooth

4.3.1. To transfer data to the Rasberry Pi from the RFID scanner and back

4.4. WiFi

4.4.1. To take data from the Rasberry Pi to the security computer

4.5. Map

4.5.1. To guide the delivery people and generate the route QR Code