Literacy Training for all educators (OG, LETRS)


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Literacy Training for all educators (OG, LETRS) by Mind Map: Literacy Training for all educators (OG, LETRS)

1. Collaboration Plan

1.1. Discuss new learning at weekly PLCs

1.2. Implementing phonics notebooks that follow SOR

2. Data & Stakeholders

2.1. Using DIBELS Benchmark & Progress monitoring to track data

2.2. Monthly reports sent home with parents for students in the red.

2.3. Reports sent home with each progress report & report card

2.4. Literacy act - more teachers highly qualified

3. Feeder Schools Inclusion Plan

3.1. Discuss implementation vertical alignment meetings

3.2. Teachers allowed to observe veteran teachers for implementation strategies

3.3. School leaders meet to discuss successes & challenges

4. Professional Development

4.1. Teachers who can present on what they've learned.

4.2. Will need to bring in an OG trainer. Done in two sessions.

5. Communication Plan

5.1. Timeline for giving teachers information - being prepared for a substitute.

5.2. Transparecy - LETRS is now a requirement due to the literacy act

6. Budget Needs

6.1. How many teachers will need training?

6.2. Can this training be done during inservice days?

6.3. LETRS being offered for free currently

6.4. Cost to bring in-person trainer twice