What's language learning?

What's language teaching? - Sessions 1 & 2

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What's language learning? by Mind Map: What's language learning?

1. Teaching

1.1. The act of teaching

1.1.1. Scrivener, J. 1991

1.2. Teaching and Learning

1.2.1. Do

1.2.2. Recall

1.2.3. Reflect

1.2.4. Conclude

1.2.5. Prepare

1.3. Effective Teaching

1.3.1. Teachers decisions and actions

1.3.2. Teachers attitudes and intentions

1.3.3. Teachers beliefs and values

2. Learning

2.1. Curriculum

2.1.1. Historical background 1800-1900 Grammar Translation Method 1890-1930 Direct Method 1930-1960 Structural Method 1920-1950 Reading Method 1950-1970 Audiolingual Method 1950-1970 Situational Method 1970-Present Communicational Method

2.1.2. Aproach to attain goals Evaluation Aims and objectives Organization Content

2.2. Monitor Theory by Stephen Krashen

2.2.1. Model for adult second language performance Acquired system Learned system

2.2.2. Monitor Time Focus on form Know the rule

2.2.3. Other aspects Individual variation Attitude and aptitude Formal and informal linguistic Environments The domain of the conscious Grammar: the morpheme studies The role of the first language Neurological correlates