Developing Writing Winners in Primary Grades

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Developing Writing Winners in Primary Grades by Mind Map: Developing Writing Winners in Primary Grades

1. Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

1.1. LETRS Consultant

1.1.1. Quarterly Meetings

1.1.2. Local or Out of State

1.1.3. Facilitate and Assist with Team/Vertical Planning of Learning Sessions for LETRS Volume 2 Unit 8

1.2. Book Study

1.2.1. Text: What the Science of Reading Says about Writing? by Jennifer Jump

1.2.2. Monthly Sessions Led by Administrator or Teacher

1.2.3. Material Referenced in Weekly Updates for Teachers, Staff, and Students

2. Data Collection

2.1. Standardized Test Scores

2.1.1. Spring Summative Assessment (April/May 2024)

2.2. Quarterly Benchmark Assessments

2.2.1. Topic with Checklist and Rubric

2.3. Excel Spreadsheet

2.3.1. Teachers will upload data via Excel Progress Charts created to share data

3. Budget Plan

3.1. Projected Budget for four Literacy Nights: $2500

3.1.1. Refreshments

3.1.2. Advertisement

3.1.3. Decor

3.1.4. Parent Handouts and Resources

3.2. Projected Budget for Professional Developments: $5600

3.2.1. Purchase 25 book study texts

3.2.2. Quarterly planning sessions with LETRS consultant Food and Lodging Travel Expenses Service Fee

3.3. Projected Budget for Miscellaneous Items: $2300

3.3.1. Taxes and Fees

3.3.2. School/Teacher Supplies

3.3.3. Stationary Items

4. Communication and Collaboration with Teachers about Project and Participation

4.1. Faculty Meeting

4.2. Faculty Retreat

4.3. Literacy Night Committee

4.4. Leading Book Studys

5. Communication and Collaboration with Families, Community Members, and Stakeholders

5.1. Newsletters, Pamphlets, Zoom Meetings, and School Website

5.2. Volunteer with Literacy Nights

5.3. Parent/teacher Conferences

5.4. Council Meetings

5.4.1. Request funding, time, and resources

5.4.2. Share charts that display progress

6. Communication and Collaboration with Feeder Schools

6.1. Discuss Project and Analyze Data

6.2. Vertical Planning for 5th and 6th grade teachers

6.2.1. Occurs once per semester

6.2.2. Share findings and next steps

6.3. Follow-ups to share progress

6.3.1. Chart to display progress