The summer of the beautiful white horse

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The summer of the beautiful white horse by Mind Map: The summer of the beautiful white horse

1. The horse

1.1. Appearance: white, beautiful and magnificent

1.2. Belonged to John Byro

1.3. Hidden by the boys in a barn of a deserted vineyard

1.4. The boys returned the horse to Byro due to guilt

1.5. The horse became more stronger and better trained after its days with Mourad

2. The boys’s encounter with John Byro

2.1. The farmer studied the horse carefully when he encountered the boys

2.2. He asked its name and checked it’s mouth

2.3. He stated that the horse looked exactly like his

2.4. But then assured the horse to be a twin of his horse due to the honesty of the Garoghlanian family

3. Characters

3.1. Aram

3.1.1. The narrator

3.1.2. 9 years old

3.1.3. Belonged to Garoghlanian family

3.1.4. Loved horse riding

3.2. Murad

3.2.1. Aram’s cousin

3.2.2. 13 years old

3.2.3. Crazy and fun loving boy

3.2.4. Loved horse riding

3.2.5. Invited Aram at four in the morning for riding the horse

3.3. Uncle Khosrove

3.3.1. Irritable

3.3.2. Impatient

3.3.3. Unbothered

3.4. John Byro

3.4.1. A farmer

3.4.2. Assyrian

3.4.3. Lost his white horse

3.4.4. Believed in the Garoghlanian family’s honesty than his own eyes

4. Garoghlanian family

4.1. Lives in poverty

4.2. Lived on Walnut Avenue

4.3. Armenian tribe

4.4. Famous for their honesty

5. Experience with the horse

5.1. Aram

5.1.1. The horse ran in the wrong direction after he fell from the horse during horse riding

5.2. Mourad

5.2.1. Stole John Byro’s horse for riding it

5.2.2. Rode the horse easily and is experienced in horse riding