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topics by Mind Map: topics

1. Food

1.1. Buyers

1.1.1. People Who Picnic Picnic mat Cooler Easy to use Easy to carry

1.1.2. Campers Light Cooler Container Quick to setup and pack away

1.1.3. Travelers Small Light Cool Storage

1.1.4. Everyday People Simple Reliable Compact Cheap

1.1.5. Workers Simple Cheap Easy Compact

1.2. Problems

1.2.1. Bacteria Become ill

1.2.2. Rain Getting wet Food Getting wet

1.2.3. Spilling food Spilling it on yourself Staining things Unsanitary

1.2.4. Temperature Cooler Flask Thermobottle

1.3. Allergies

1.3.1. Separating food

2. Supporting or Participating in sport

2.1. Cycling:

2.1.1. Mountain biking: Things hitting your shins Getting thrown off your bikes into objects Hitting trees with your arms / shoulders Falling onto objects

2.1.2. Lack of storage Sweaty Heavy Uncomfortable

2.1.3. Getting too hot Sweating Smelling Getting sunstroke

2.1.4. Getting muddy Mud Drying and flaking Annoying Messy

2.1.5. Getting too sweaty Smell Getting soaked Uncomfortable Annoying

2.2. Snowsports:

2.2.1. No Storage Difficult to carry things Heavy Sweaty Uncomfortable Tiring

2.2.2. Travelling with skis or snowboards Skis Fall Apart Heavy Boring Annoying Difficult

2.2.3. Falling over: Bruising Injuring Yourself

2.2.4. Carrying skis or snowboards onto lifts: Annoying Skis come apart Uncomfortable Difficult Heavy

2.3. Skateboarding:

2.3.1. Controlling speed: Difficult to control speed Can be dangerous No Proper way to control speed without correct equipment

2.3.2. Stopping: Not stopping fast enough Difficult to stop Easy To hurt yourself while stopping

2.3.3. Falling Over: Grazing yourself Getting cuts Bruises Breaking bones

3. Educational toys and games

3.1. Places

3.1.1. Schools Development toys Maths English Science

3.1.2. Home Home learning Maths English Science

3.1.3. Holiday Clubs Sport Physical skills Mental skills Development skills

3.1.4. Social Place Social Mental Physical Development

3.2. Problems

3.2.1. Lack Of Stimuli

3.2.2. Lack Of Maths Skills Bad Logic Un-logical brain No advantage

3.2.3. Lack of language skills: Slow to learn how to talk Not good At communicating Eating away from

3.3. Buyers

3.3.1. Schools

3.3.2. Parents

3.3.3. Relatives

3.3.4. Teachers

3.3.5. Tutors

3.4. Users

3.4.1. Children 0 - 1 Movement Sensory

3.4.2. Children 1 - 3 Speach Brain Development

3.4.3. Children 3 - 5 Simple Reading Expanding On Vocabulary

3.4.4. Children 5 - 7 Reading Maths Languages

3.4.5. Children 7 - 10 Hard reading Maths Problem Solving Languages

3.4.6. Children 10 - 13 Complex Maths Complex Reading Enginieering