Safety Issues Caused By Gangs In The Correctional System

Aamani Thompson

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Safety Issues Caused By Gangs In The Correctional System by Mind Map: Safety Issues Caused By Gangs In The Correctional System

1. Questions

1.1. How can the correctional system improve in order to combat prison gangs?

1.2. How do prison staff idenify if an inmate(s) classfies as gang member(s)?

1.3. How do prison gangs cause challenges for the American correctonal system?

2. Introduction

2.1. Aims

2.1.1. Identify key safety issues

2.1.2. Highlight the contributing factors

2.1.3. Propose future directions

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Promote policy reform

2.2.2. Map-out gang related safety issues

2.2.3. Analyze policy shortcomings

2.2.4. Examine contributing factors

3. Core concepts

3.1. Description

3.1.1. Defintion of Gangs Types of Gangs Prison Gangs Street Gangs Drug Cartels Characterisitcs of Gangs

3.1.2. Factors contributing to Gang Formation Social Dynamics Sense of Family Desire for Protection Peer Pressure External Factors Media

3.2. Challenges posed by gangs

3.2.1. Contraband

3.2.2. Racial Tensions

3.2.3. Exploitation

3.2.4. Drug Trafficking

3.2.5. Violence Safety Issues Inmate Safety Staff Safety

3.3. Ways the Correctional System has failed keeping gangs at bay

3.3.1. Staffing and Training Understaffing Corrupt COs

3.3.2. Security Measures Overcrowding

3.4. Future Direction the Correctional System should take

3.4.1. Policy Recommendations Preventative Recommendation Informative gathering and sharing Preventative administrative action Remedial Action More Gang Certifications Courses