Product Management

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Product Management by Mind Map: Product Management

1. Communications Plan

1.1. Schedule

1.2. Responsibilities

2. Delivery Channels

2.1. e.g. Monthly Newsletter

2.1.1. Information Provider e.g. Team Leader

2.1.2. Collection Timeframe e.g. 20th of every month

2.2. e.g. Team Meetings

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Target Audiences

3.2. Stakeholder Requirements

3.3. Key Messages

3.3.1. e.g. Project Status

3.3.2. e.g. Project Risks

3.3.3. e.g. Project Changes

4. Objectives

4.1. Understand Henkel Product Portfolio : end-use, value-add, customers, etc; interviewing sales, R&D, tech service, customers

4.2. Product Consolidation and Rationalization

4.3. Establish **product transfer strategy** for APAC. Which will remain supply from Henkel plant? Which will be rationalized? Which will be intercompany transaction? Which will be transferred to SW plant?

4.4. Establish process for supply chain & tolling model for Henkel products