Natural resources and Environmental issues mental map

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Natural resources and Environmental issues mental map by Mind Map: Natural resources and Environmental issues mental map

1. Ecological and Sustainable Solutions

1.1. Ecological Solutions: Measures that seek to protect the environment and restore damaged ecosystems (e.g. reforestation, use of renewable energies, biodiversity conservation).

1.2. Sustainable Solutions: Strategies that promote economic and social development without compromising natural resources for future generations (e.g., circular economy, sustainable agriculture, efficient public transportation).

2. Natural Resources

2.1. Definition: Elements of nature that humans use to satisfy their needs.

2.2. Classification

2.2.1. Renewable Resources: Those that regenerate naturally at a rate greater than or equal to that of human consumption (e.g., water, solar energy, wind, biomass).

2.2.2. Non-Renewable Resources: Those that exist in limited quantities and do not regenerate in the short term (e.g., oil, natural gas, minerals).

3. Enviromental Issues

3.1. Definition: Problems and challenges affecting the environment due to human activities and natural processes.

3.2. Key topics

3.2.1. Water Pollution

3.2.2. Air Pollution

3.2.3. Ozone Depletion

3.2.4. Solid Waste

3.2.5. Deforestation

3.2.6. Overpopulation

3.2.7. Microplastics

3.2.8. Biodiversity Loss

3.2.9. Climate change