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Mercutio by Mind Map: Mercutio

1. Actions

1.1. Behavior with Romeo

1.1.1. Loyalty/Joking around With Romeo Mercutio is loyal to Romeo but also jokes around with Romeo and competes with Romeo in a friendly and joking manner. And when Capulets start causing trouble he fights right alongside Romeo and Argues to preserve their honor rather than just his.

1.2. Behavior by himself/with other montaques

1.2.1. Loyalty/honor When Mercutio is alone or with other Montaques he is very focused on preserving his personal honor and acts in a way that makes him more respected and is selfish to his own honor, neglecting anybody elses.

2. Background

2.1. He belongs to the montaques

2.1.1. Decision making/ Thinking and reasoning Many moves or decisions he makes are based on his loyalty to the montaques such as fighting the Capulets and determine much of his reasoning.

2.2. He is on the side of Romeo

2.2.1. Decision making/ Thinking and reasoning Romeo is his best friend and also causes him to make many decisions and moves to help him out.

3. Feelings

3.1. His pride

3.1.1. Causes thoughts and actions This is very important to him and makes him act and think in a certain manner that greatly influence his future and can determine his job, place in society and who he gets married to.

3.2. His safety and well being

3.2.1. Causes thoughts and actions This is very important because no matter what he does he has to think and act on his safety to stay alive when fighting capulets and also he has to think of how his actions will affect his societal life and how he lives day to day.

4. Obligations

4.1. To montaques and family

4.1.1. Protection of people and of their honor When he is fighting or arguing with Capulets alongside Romeo or on the subject of the montaques he makes his best effort to protect their honor and safety.

4.2. To himself

4.2.1. Protection of himself and his honor When he is fighting by himself with Capulets or on the name of himself he makes his best effort to preserve his own honor and safety.