River Energy

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River Energy by Mind Map: River Energy

1. Speed

1.1. Gradient of channel

1.1.1. Steeper slope = faster speed of river flow

1.1.2. Gentler slope = lower speed of river flow

1.2. Texture of riverbed

1.2.1. smoother river bed = less friction = higher speed of flow

1.2.2. Roughter river bed = more friction = slower speed of flow

1.3. Wetted Perimeter

1.3.1. Shape of channel affects wetted perimenter. Wetted Perimenter = large = more water comes in contact with channel

1.3.2. Small wetted perimeter = less friction = river moves faster

2. Volume

2.1. Presence of vegetation

2.1.1. Sparse vegetation intercepts less rain water and increases surface runoff = Volume of water is larger

2.1.2. Abundant vegetation allows more rainwater infiltrate the ground reducing surface runoff. Less surface runoff = volume of water is smaller

2.2. Amount of rainfall

2.2.1. Higher rainfall = greater volume = more discharge

2.2.2. Lower rainfall = smaller volume = less discharge

2.3. Duration of rainfall

2.3.1. Longer duration of rain = greater volume of flow = more discharge

2.3.2. Shortage duration of rain = smaller volume of flow = less discharge

2.4. Size of drainage basin

2.4.1. Smaller drainage basin = small surface area = less water collected D:

2.4.2. Bigger drainage basin = greater surface area = more water collected! :D

2.5. Permeability of rocks

2.5.1. Permeability means the capability of rocks that allows water to flow through its pore spaces

2.5.2. More permeable = more rainwater seeps into the ground = less surface runoff. = The river volume will be smaller

2.5.3. Less permeable = more surface runoff = larger volume of water in its channel