Theories and Frameworks

Outlines the frameworks associated with including education technology in the classroom

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks


1.1. Is a model that methodically shows how technology can be woven into modern education

1.2. Shows how technology can be used to achieve different levels of engagement among student

1.3. Is a four step method with shows the progression teachers often take in implementing educational teachnology in the class

1.3.1. Enhancement (Teacher directed) Subsitiution Ex. Student uses computer for the purpose of printing a worksheet Augmentation Ex. Student uses google docs to complete a test online

1.3.2. Transformation(Student directed) Modification Using technology to make and audio recording for a presentation Redifinition Letting students use online resources and technologies to collaborate with each other for a group project

2. Philosophy of Teachnology

2.1. Is equivalent of the philosophy of teaching in regards to the inclusion of technology in the classroom

2.2. Considers the nature of technology and how its attribute can be useful in the classroom and also making learning easily accessable beyond the school setting

2.3. My PLN shows my own outlook towards my philosophy of technology by detailing the electronic resource that i have or have not used as a tool for educating my future students

2.4. A Teachers philosophy of teachnology is augmented for that own teachers strength and weaknesses in presenting multiple means of presentation


3.1. Designed to be a venn diagram

3.2. Outlines the types of knowledge needed to be a successful teacher

3.3. Link to venn diagram

3.4. Three types of knowledge

3.4.1. Content

3.4.2. Pedagogy

3.4.3. Technology

3.5. Understanding these frameworks of knowledge and how they relate is imperative for creating a more technology inclusive classroom