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UCD + Future by Mind Map: UCD + Future
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UCD + Future


if I hear you speaking vs atlas copco

flexibility, openess (calender), pioneering

Take it a step further?

Advanced Customer Integration (ACI-Model)

Passive consumption

Customization, Cars

Co-creation, Lego - Tools = biggest problem co-creation

Peer production, OSS, needs are inherently incorporate in business model, CrowdSpirit

Consumers --> Prosumers - Participation (UCD)

growing importance of UCD in co-creation tools

Crowdsourcing (IOC-model)

Crowdsourcing as a 3th option

For usability testing (products/texts/...)

Design contest


Personal fabrication + open source hardware

Augmented reality

offers opportunity for increasing usability

Value creation in open networks

Business ideas

How to explain?

mental models,easy to explain things: methapors, words they know

Scenario's of use, use cases...

UCD Process



Difference between use cases - scenarios of use


Open Innovators

Changed structure

Added tagging


Book Buildings - Designing paterns

Patterns of new business models

Crowdfunding, crowdsouring, crowdmanagement, p2p...


Opportunities of the Internet

Not just copy

Design vs Usability

Undesign, If function is clear, used often, Google, Cleartrip...

Eye tracking research, Text, F(aces)


Use existing symbols (switch/valve, green/red, button)

Will be increased with more cognitive devices

Don't design for yourself stupid!

F.e. RyanAir, looks cheap = intention

Web 2.0, Neotony?, MAYA

Simple + Complex

Swiss army knife - Train application