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ASQ CQE (2006) Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge by Mind Map: ASQ CQE (2006)
Certified Quality Engineer
Body of Knowledge
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ASQ CQE (2006) Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge

Management and Leadership (15 Questions)

Quality Philosophies and Foundations

The Quality Management System

Strategic Plannign

Deployment Techniques

Quality Information System (QIS)

ASQ Code of Ethics for Professional Conduct

Leadership Principles and Techniques

Facilitation Principles and Techniques

Communication Skills

Customer Relations

Supplier Management

Quality Improvement

The Quality System (15 Questions)

Elements of the Quality System

Documentation of the Quality System

Quality Standards and Other Guidelines

Quality Audits

Types of Audits

Roles and Responsibilities in Audits

Audit Planning and Implementation

Audit Reporting and Follow Up

Cost of Quality (COQ)

Quality Training

Product and Process Design (25 Questions)

Classification of Quality Characteristics

Design Inputs and Review

Technical Drawings and Specifications

Design Verification

Reliability and Maintainability

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Tools

Reliability and Maintainability Indices

Bathtub Curve

Reliability/ Safety/ Hazzard Assesment Tools

Product and Process Control (32 Questions)


Material Control

Material Identification, Status, and Traceability

Material Segregation

Classification of Defects

Material Review Board (MRB)

Acceptance Sampleing

Sampling Concepts

Sampling Standards and Plans

Sample Integrity

Measurement and Test

Measurement Tools

Destructive and Nondestructive Tests


Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Continuous Improvement (30 Questions)

Quality Control Tools

Quality Management and Planning Tools

Continuous Improvement Techniques

Corrective Action

Preventive Action

Quantitative Methods and Tools (43 Questions)

Collecting and Summarizing Data

Types of Data

Measurement Scales

Data Collection Methods

Data Accuracy

Descriptive Statistics

Graphic Methods for Depicting Relatioships

Graphic Methods for Depicting Distributions

Quantitative Concepts


Drawing Statistical Conclusions

Probability Terms and Concepts

Probability Distributions

Continuous Distributions

Discrete Distributions

Statistical Decision Making

Point Estimates and Confidence Intervals

Hypothesis Testing

Paired-Comparision Tests

Goodness-of-Fit Tests

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Contingency Tables

Relationships between Variables

Linear Regression

Simple Linear Correlation

Time-Series Analysis

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Objectives and Benefits

Common and Special Causes

Selection of Variables

Rational Subgrouping

Control Charts

Control Chart Analysis

PRE-Control Charts

Short-Run SPC

Process and Performance Capability

Process Capability Studies

Process Performance vs. Specification

Process Capability Indices

Process Performance Indices

Design and Analysis of Experiments


Planning and Organizing Experiments

Design Principles

One-Factor Experiments

Full-Factorial Experiments

Two-Level Fractional Factorial Experiments