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Higher ambitions by Mind Map: Higher ambitions
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Higher ambitions

Universities used to be elitist and colleges were vocational

Business and community engagement

Community engagement

Economic growth


Improving access to HE (NB: the role of FE\Colleges in this will be set out in detail in the National Skills Strategy later in 2009)

Encourage high performing pupils from low income backgrounds

"What we are saying is that nobody should be disadvantaged or penalised on the basis of the families they come from, of school they attended and the way in which simple assessment based on A-level results might exclude them," (Mandelson, Nov 2009)

Promote a broader range of course models rather than 3-year degree

Greater flexibility in delivery

Entry to courses should not be on exam grades



Teaching and learning

Reward teaching excellence

Become world\rleaders of e-learning

HE and FE must have an integrated agenda [Mandelson]

Colleges should be equal to universities

Increase social mobility in\rworkforce


Universities must increase\rthe proportion of private\rinvestment [Lammy, 3 Nov\r2009]

HEFCE will implement a new funding model in 2012-13 at the earliest

Frachised Colleges with indirect funding looking for joint development with OU

Check funding letter (Dec 2009)

A review of student fees will happen in the near future