Northern Renaissance

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Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: Northern Renaissance

1. Northern renaissance begins.

1.1. began in 1453 after the 100 year war and the bubonic plauge struck.

2. Legacy of renaissance.

2.1. Changes in arts

2.1.1. art grew off styles from greece and rome, portrayed relistic ideas and praised individual acheivments.

2.2. Changes in society

2.2.1. printing made information more avalible, literacy and the desire of learning increased

3. printing spreads renaissance ideas.

3.1. Gutenberg printing press

4. Artistic ideas spread.

4.1. German painters

4.1.1. Albrecht Durer popularity of his works spread renaissance styles.

4.2. flemish painters

4.2.1. Jan Van Eyck used oil paintings displayed unusual realistic details and revealed the personality ofhis subjects.

5. Elizabethan age

5.1. William Shakespear

5.1.1. was the most famous writer of plays and other theatricle pieces.

6. Northern writers try to reform society.

6.1. christain huminast

6.1.1. desiderius eresmus wrote the praise of folly and thomas moore wrote utopia.

6.2. womens reform

6.2.1. only rich familys could provide schooling until christine day pizan came about.