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Northern renaissance ftw by Mind Map: Northern renaissance ftw
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Northern renaissance ftw

It Begins

rulers sponser artist and fund events

ideal of human diginty inspired northern humanist

cause to devolope plans for social reform based on Judo-Christian values

Artistic Ideas Spread

Invading french soldiers force itialins to leave and take styles and techniques to other places

famous german painter brought back wood cuts and engravings

Jan Van Eyck advanced oil painting styles.

Flemish Paintings reached its peak after 1557 with the force of Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Northern Writers Try to Reform Society.

Best known Christian humanists were Desiderius Erasmus of Holland and Thomas More of England.

During this period the vast majority of Europeans were unable to read or write.

Printing Spreads to The Renaissance

Guten Berg Improves the Printing Process.

The Legacy of the Renaissance

There were many changes in the Arts.

There were many changes in society.

Elizabethan Age

William Shakespear the most famous writer of the time.

Long Bow is long.