the northern renaissance

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the northern renaissance by Mind Map: the northern renaissance

1. the norhtern renaissance begins

1.1. hundred year war ends in 1453

1.2. england and france were unified under a strong monarch.

1.3. many cities grew rapidly

2. legacy of reniassance

2.1. changes in art

2.1.1. art drew on techniques and styles of classical greece and rome

2.1.2. paintings and sculptures protrayed individuals and nature in more realistic and life like ways

2.2. changes in society

2.2.1. printing changed society by making more information avaliable an inexpensive enough for societyat large

2.2.2. a greater avaliability of books promoted an increase desire for learning and a rise in literacythroughout europe

3. printing spreads renaissance ideas

3.1. gutenburge improves the printing process

3.1.1. around 1440 johann gutenburge developed a printing press that incorperated a number of technologies in a new way

3.1.2. the process made it possible to rpoduce books quickly and cheaper

4. artistic ideas spread

4.1. german painters

4.1.1. albrecht durer popularity of his works spread renaissance styles

4.2. flemish painters

4.2.1. jan van eyck used oil painting and his paintings displayed unusual realistic details and revealded the personality of his subjects

5. elizabeth age

5.1. william shakespear

5.1.1. was the most famous writer and his works display a masterful command of the english language and deep under standing of human beings

6. northern writers try to reform society

6.1. cristian humanist

6.1.1. desiderius eresmus wrote the praise of folly. and thomas more wrote utopia- means no place

6.2. womens reform

6.2.1. only rich family could provide schooling until cristine day pizan came about