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Cyberwellness and 1-to-1 Learning Environment by Mind Map: Cyberwellness and 1-to-1 Learning
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Cyberwellness and 1-to-1 Learning Environment

Education Portal (StudyWiz)


Online Assignments

Educational games

The assessment and classwork should allow for 'Section B' type of questions and answers.

A one-stop webpage to consolidate admin and learning portals for teachers, parents and students.

Expand "userability" of the portals i.e. add more functions

Asynchronous discussion forum

Email system

Notes uploaded to studywiz so students can access notes 24/7


better reinforcement

How to monitor?

Fault Reporting System

Infringement Follow Up Report??

ALL teachers must be aware of the AUP and must play a role in enforcing the expectations.

Do they know?

Operational but slow sometimes

Learner Development Prog

Requires more enforcement

Educate teachers to understand LDP better

Teachers need to be aware of LDP

Workshop for LDP in Contact Time

To give more publicity and air-time to create awareness

ICT Enrichment Prog

To understand what applications has been taught

SOWs for ICT applications to be known for teachers

To make use of what they have learnt

Differentiated Level of ICT knowledge

Common platform for students to ease teaching

Boot Camp

Schedule and carry out according to plans

to cater to the needs of students who have high level of ICT skills

Spare a thought for technology immigrants - ensure that ICT enrichment courses commensurate with skill level

Traditional Classroom Design

Too packed with lockers

Need bigger classroom

Difficulty to see IWB from the back of the classroom

MIMIO as the substitute?

Power Track


Do we need traditonal tables and chairs? Too big and bulky.

flexibility for rearrangement of furniture into clusters of learners format to allow movement for changing activities and group discussion

Should NOT make wholesale changes - a traditional classroom still has a place in a modern learning environment = do NOT throw the baby out of the window with the bath water!

Classrooms are passe

Learning takes place anywhere

Students can learn from home

Breakdown the walls of traditional schools

1 to 1 learning

Using 21st CC to make use of Wilnote to teach

MIndset of Teachers still set for Conventional Teaching

Let them see the power of ICT in teaching and learning. If there is a positive difference, teachers will try

Bridging programme for 2010 S3 repeat students and parents to instill need of greater self-discipline in the proper use of PLD for learning

Would PLD help the repeat student?

School bag weight-watching exercise

Need to be systematically carried out

Internet Research could be done out of classroom time such that the classroom face-to-face sessions with teacher-facilitator and other fellow learners could be maximised for critical collaboration

More stringent monitoring of pupils' activities during lessons

Promote and enforce! the use of e-books.


Cyber Addicts

Teach self-discipline?

School Counsellor provides support programme

Teach time management skills

Need parent and teachers to identify these pupils., Too late to help them when only told after exams

Hall Assemblies to enhance cyberwellness

More Personal Account of People

Dialogue with Teachers and Parents

Reflective documentation of Teachers and Parents

Apple Remote Desktop

remind teachers periodically how to use ARD

E Bulletin Board

To showcase cyberwellness and desseminate information on CyberWellness

Cyberwellness to be viewed as a part of School Culture and Values

Online test to re-certify the currency of the pupils to be on the 1-to-1 prog

A component of the CME grade could be taken from this online test

Introduce cyberwellness topics on a systematic basis

Cyberwellness taught during RME lesson

Network Infrastructure

bandwidths that can support the extensive use of internet connection

assured electricity supply ?

ensure fewer occurrences of server disruptions

Technical Support

Promptness and Availability

Apple Service Centre

AV Resource Technician

Media Specialist

On-going Weekly Meetings with partners

Systems to monitor Bandwidth