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Prepositions by Mind Map: Prepositions

1. Time

1.1. At

1.1.1. Short and precise time I'll be there at noon.

1.1.2. Time of clock I'll be there at 5:30

1.2. On

1.2.1. Day He was born on a Friday night

1.2.2. Date on 5th of March

1.2.3. Particular day It happened on Independence Day

1.3. In

1.3.1. Month or year He was born in January

1.3.2. Particular time of day or month or year I'll see you in the morning

1.3.3. Century or specific time in past etc The internet was created in the 20th century

2. Place

2.1. On

2.1.1. Surface of something Put it on the table

2.2. In

2.2.1. Place having some boundry I live in a big house

3. Direction

3.1. To

3.1.1. She went to the library.

3.2. Towards

3.2.1. someone was coming toward him.

3.3. Through

3.3.1. You have to drive through town to get there

3.4. Into

3.4.1. He jumped into the river.

4. Agent/device

4.1. By

4.1.1. Agent This mind map was done by me

4.1.2. Device She comes by bus