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Chapter 8, Test Taking by Mind Map: Chapter 8, Test Taking
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Chapter 8, Test Taking

Key to doing well on test

The key to doing well on test is to be very well prepared. Go to class consistently, take notes, and study notes daily.

Key Terms

When taking notes, always right down key words and use examples.

Index Cards

Use index cards to make study cards, which can help with memorizing key terms


Enumerations are a list of words

Examples of Enumerations

Causes of the First World War. Reasons why people join groups Methods of waste disposal Kinds of defense mechanisms       All heads have words that end with an S.

Emphasizing Points

Phrases such as the most significant, of special importance, and the chief reason, are all used to catch the attention of the reader.


Focus on areas the instructor has concentrated on the most. Study areas the instructor has advised you to study.

Preparing for exams

When preparing for an exam do the following. Review notes Be prepared. For example have paper, pens, pencils, and other material. Be on time for the exam. Don't sit near talkitive people. Read all directions for starting the exam. Keep track of time.

Types of Exams

Objective Exams

Objective exams include multiple choise, true false, fill-in, and matching questions.   Hints to follow Answer easier questions first. For harder questions, sometimes the information in other questions on the test will help with the answer to harder questions. Answer all the questions. Guess when needed. Try to think how the instructor might think. Circle or underline key words in difficult questions. Use all time given on the test. Recheck answers.

Answering questions

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