The Benefits of Physical Activity

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The Benefits of Physical Activity by Mind Map: The Benefits of Physical Activity

1. Physical Benefits - The physical benefits are benefits that include body movement.

1.1. Physical Benefits

1.1.1. Cardiovascular system gets excercised and stronger

1.1.2. Weight maintenance. Exercising keeps weight stable and reduces risk of having diseases caused by unhealthiness.

1.1.3. Bones get strong and dense. Reduces chances of broken arms or legs because bones aren't brittle.

1.1.4. Balance and Coordination is improved. You become stable and reduces chance if injury while performing activities using lots of eyesight and multitasking.

2. Phycological Benefits - the phycological benefits are benefits that help your brain when you do physical activity.

2.1. Reduces pain messages coming from brain cells

2.2. Gives pleasure and satisfaction you feel after a good workout

2.3. Gives more self - confidence, focus and reduces stress.

2.4. Relaxes mind and tense . Lets you sleep better

2.5. Gives you a better mood. Prevents unhappiness and depression

3. Social Benefits - The social benefits are benefits that can be a way to bond with family, friends or even build new relationships.

3.1. Social Benefits

3.1.1. Family bonding

3.1.2. Friendship and new relationships grow

3.1.3. Friendliness improves