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UWM College Experience by Mind Map: UWM College Experience
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UWM College Experience


Think & Write


Organize, Mindmaps, Prezi

Probing Questions

Business Savy

Learn to Spot Opportunity

Learn to Ask for/Raise Money, Secure Funding for Hockey Club

Get the Big Picture, Study Economics, Apply Economics, Should CTA Raise Prices?, How to Reduce Unemployment?, How to Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil?, Will the Public Option Reduce Healthcare Costs?, Renewal Energy? Is it For Real?

Study Skill




A Lady's Man

Sound Smart

Learn a new word every day

Learn to Dance

Take a Salsa Lesson

Be Ready, Be Available


Admire Who?

Surround Yourself w/ Good People

Who are the Thought Leaders?

Go Global

Get Networked

Start a Blog

Get Mobile

Get an iPhone

Reinvent Yourself

Learn an Instrument

Get Informed

Watch Daily Show

Listen to NPR

Bookmark Favorite Blogs

Focus on Eternal Significance

Attend a Bible Study

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Get Passionate About Something

Film Critic

Michael Moore Documentaries

Start a Blog

Skill Set


New node

Leadership Skills, Lead, Don't Follow, Hockey Club Captain, Organize Social for Floor

Vocational Pursuits

Career Opportunities?

Fit?, What Color is Your Parachute?

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