Beyond the Pattern of Heaven

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Beyond the Pattern of Heaven by Mind Map: Beyond the Pattern  of Heaven

1. Confucianism

1.1. -geared towards men -influenced in Chinese history

1.2. 5 Relationships -friend/friend -husband/wife -older/younger sibling -father/son -ruler/minister

1.3. -Filial piety: honoring of mother/father through the children of the family

1.4. Founded by Kong Fuzi

2. Han Chinese

2.1. "Patrilineal surnames provided the Han Chinese with connections to a common ancestor" (353)

2.2. Women -consistently put down; open to infanticide at birth, arranged/tough marriages, cannot initiate divorce

3. The Surname

3.1. Patrilineal Kinship -use of surname of male members of society (Han) to identify; females are referred to as sisters/daughters/mothers

3.2. Women were unable to choose destinies regardless of age, whereas men had more freedom.

3.3. Those who share the same surname cannot be wed

4. Post 1949 Trends

4.1. Families are allowed to try for a second child if the first is a female; male children are more important via patronage (357)

4.2. Ban put out on concubines, youth marriage and numerous children;. stress on children taking care of elderly parents

4.2.1. a tight increase of the family heritage

5. Alternate Models of Kinship

5.1. The Dai -bilateral kinship -"Husbands move into their bride's natal homes for three years, during which the men provide labor for the woman's family" (358) -women are free to leave with children at any time

5.2. The Lahu -gendered unity; husband and wife work best in pairs -share workload, pregnancy, family, etc

5.3. The Mosuo -matralinieal marriage -husbands and wives live separately and are free to see who they want -children are family members