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Todorov by Mind Map: Todorov

1. He suggested there were 5 stages to narrative

1.1. Equilibrium

1.2. Disequilibrium

1.3. Recognition

1.4. Attempt to repair

1.5. A restoration

2. Equilibrium

2.1. This tends to be the beginning of a narrative, where everything is satisfied, calm and relaxed. Any potential opposing forces are in balance.

3. Disequilibrium

3.1. This is the part of the narrative where the satisfying calm state is disrupted by some event which sets off a series of events

4. Recognition

4.1. This refers to the part where the disruption has happened

5. Attempt to repair

5.1. The disruption/problem has been or is beingnsolved

6. A restoration

6.1. A new state of calm is recognised at the end of the narrative and order is restored to the world of fiction

7. Todorov was a Bulgarian linguist who published influential work on narrative from the 1960s.

8. This type of narrative structure is very familiar to us and can be applied to many ‘mainstream’ film narratives as well as music video's.

9. A good example of this theory being applied to a music video is Robbie Williams - She's the one (link to video is attached).

9.1. Equilibrium = in this video it refers to all three characters being happy with no problems.

9.2. Disequilibrium = The male skater falls over and injures himself whilst training

9.3. Recognition = Robbie Williams is seen to recognise the problem

9.4. Attempt to repair - Robbie Williams knows he has to face his old demons of getting back on the ice and try to win the skating competition.

9.5. Restoration = The pair end up winning the skating competition and all characters are happy again - happiness has been restored

10. Another example where Todorov's theory can be applied to is Katy Perry - Hot n Cold (Link to video is attached).

10.1. Equilibrium - Happy couple at the alter with family and friends, all ready and waiting for them to be married .

10.2. Disequilibrium - Alexander hesitates when the preist asks him 'Alexander, do you take Katy to be your lawfully wedded wife?'

10.3. Recognition - Alexander questions whether or not to marry Katy, friends and family are waiting

10.4. Attempt to repair - Alexander finally says 'I do'

10.5. A restoration - Katy shows signs of relief, They happily kiss and friends and family all cheer reinstating that satisfying, calm state from the beginning.