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Google - Firefox -Yahoo iTunes by Mind Map: Google - Firefox -Yahoo iTunes
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Google - Firefox -Yahoo iTunes

Firefox Freebies

Browser Operation

Selected Add-ons

Firefox Add-ons

Google Goodies

Google Docs

The computer may be CHEAP but remember the COST of programs like: Microsoft Office Home/Student $149 Photoshop elements $99.00 Norton 360 $50.00 plus yearly subscription Internet Sbscription $40.00 PA Consider Microsoft Works  and Google docs and Google Pack

Google Pack


Google Web Albums


My Note the Attachment lnk is not realy relevant - I did it just to see how it works Append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address. For example, if your name was, you could send mail to or Insert one or several dots (".") anywhere in your email address. Gmail doesn't recognize periods as characters in addresses -- we just ignore them. For example, you could tell people your address was, or (We understand that there has been some confusion about this in the past, but to settle it once and for all, you can indeed receive mail at all the variations with dots.)

Google Notebook

Google Notes

Google Apps

Google Toolbar

Google Calendar

Yahoo widgets

A Widget is a Yahoo gismo. I hope that clarifies the matter for you ;-)