European Nations Settle North America

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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North America

1. The English Arrive in N. America

1.1. King James sent out colonists to find new land, which they named Jamestown

1.2. Puritans create New England

1.2.1. The Pilgrims founded a 2nd English colony, Plymouth in Massachusetts

1.2.2. They Sought for religious freedom

1.2.3. The Puritans sought religious freedom from the Anglican Church

1.3. Dutch found new Netherland

1.3.1. established a fur trade with the Iriquois Indians

2. Native Americans Respond

2.1. French and Dutch settlers developed a mostly cooperative relationship with the Native Americans

2.2. Small groups of settlers fought with small groups of natives

2.3. The Powhatan tribe attacked colonial villages around Jamestown and killed about 350 settlers.

3. Competing Claims in North America

3.1. Explorers founded Quebec, which became base of Francis colonial empire in N. America known as New France

3.2. Settlers became part of New France's main economic activity, the fur trade.

4. The Struggle for North America

4.1. English oust the Dutch

4.1.1. The Duke of York claimed the colony for England and renamed it New York

4.2. England battles France

4.2.1. In 1754 a dispute over land claims in the Ohio Valley led to a war between the British and French on the N. American continent Soon called the French and Indian War.