Controllers and Synths that Support Polyphonic Aftertouch

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Controllers and Synths that Support Polyphonic Aftertouch by Mind Map: Controllers and Synths that Support Polyphonic Aftertouch

1. This map is a work in progress by Mark Mosher

1.1. Map has controllers and devices tested to date

1.2. This icon indicates I actually tested the functionality. Items without the check claim support.

2. Controllers that transmit Polyphonic Aftertouch

2.1. Keys

2.1.1. CME Xkey

2.1.2. Keith McMillan QuNexus

2.2. Pads

2.2.1. Novation LaunchPad Pro

2.2.2. Native Instruments Maschine (All Models)

2.2.3. M-Audio Trigger Finger

2.2.4. Akai MPD32

2.3. Electronic Wind Instruments

3. iOS

3.1. Receives Polyphonic Aftertouch from External Controller

3.1.1. Moog Animoog

3.1.2. Camel Audio Alchemy

3.1.3. Wolfgang Palm PPG Wavegenerator

3.2. Receives Aftertouch from external controller

3.2.1. Propellerhead Thor

3.3. Has Buil-In Polyphonic Aftertouch but doesn't seem to receive aftertouch from external controller (yet)

3.3.1. Waldorf Nave


4.1. Hosts

4.1.1. Support Polyphonic Aftertouch TobyBear MiniHost

4.1.2. Filters Polyphonic Aftertouch so No-Go Ableton Live (all versions)

4.2. Receive Polyphonic Aftertouch

4.2.1. U-HE Zebra 2 Zebra HZ Diva ACE

4.2.2. Waldorf Largo

4.2.3. Rob Papen Blade Predator Sub Boom Bass Blue

4.2.4. Madrona Labs Aalto

4.2.5. Camel Audio (No Longer in Production) Alchemy

4.3. Synths That Only Support Channel Aftertouch

4.3.1. Tone2 Synths

4.3.2. Native Instruments Absynth

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