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Preliminary Task by Mind Map: Preliminary Task

1. HOW

1.1. camera will follow the interrogator into the room and then will show the two people having a conversation but not often showing both faces at the same time.


2.1. interrogator: This interview is being tape recorded...The time is 2:24 on 2.6.11 the persons present include your lawyer. Are you ready to commence with the interview? suspect: sure.. whatever. interrogator: Jenkins isn’t it? Jonathan. I’d like you to take a look at these photographs, do any of these look familiar to you? Have you seen this girl before? *puts photos on table* *pushes one closer* *suspect shakes head* interrogator: I know you did this! just admit to what you've done. *BANGS hand on table*


3.1. shots: match on action, Shot reverse shot, 180 degree rule, close ups, over the shoulder shot movement: tracking, panning, tilt. angles: high angle, low angle and point of view shot.


4.1. all done in chronological order, nothing is in reverse or montage edited. it is all in the same time frame. This will be achieved by showing his journey as and when it happened.


5.1. continuity editing task involving filming and editing a character and an open door and cross a room to sit down to have a conversation, with whom she will have a few lines of dialogue.


6.1. This could be filmed in any dark room with a desk, two chairs and a desk lamp.

7. WHO

7.1. two characters; the suspect and the interrigator


8.1. interrogation scene: someone is already in a room, with a desk. The interrogator walks through the door and sits down opposite the person. Then they will speak a few lines of dialogue this could be said angrily. After a few lines the interrogator gets up and leaves angrily.