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Chapter 7: Implementing the Strategy: Building Multidimensional Capabilities by Mind Map: Chapter 7: Implementing the Strategy: Building Multidimensional Capabilities
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Chapter 7: Implementing the Strategy: Building Multidimensional Capabilities

Global Business Management

see opportunities and risks across national boundaries and functional specialties coordinate and integrate activities across these barriers to capture benefits

Global Business Strategist

Ensures that business and corporate strategies are alignedIs typically located in country subsidiaries -> combine the views of different local managers into a global strategy

Architect of Asset and Resource Configuration

Oversee worldwide distribution of key assetsLocally leveraged and globally linked asset structureCombine input of geographic and functional managers, keep administrative heritage in mind!

Cross-Border Coordinator

decide on sourcing patterns and manage cross-border transfers direct central control for products of high strategic importance establishment of rules, creating internal market mechanisms manage flows of materials, components and finished products

Worldwide Functional Management

Diffuse innovations and transfer knowledge on a worldwide basis - requires that managers have superb knowledge of the functional area they are responsible for

Worldwide Intelligence Scanner

need informal networks to facilitate the rapid exchange of information across borders through frequent meetings

Cross-Pollinator of "Best Practices"

Specialist knowledge required to identify and evaluate leading-edge practices. Well-developed informal communications networks with others in their functional area

Champion of Transnational Innovation

Geographic Subsidiary Management

Bicultural Interpreter

needs to understand the local market and then translate it for the headquarters so that they see what needs to be done and don't get caught up in ethnocentric biasneeds to translate MNE's corporate culture and goals for his subsidiary so that they understand the importance

National Defender and Avocado

Frontline Implementer of Corporate Strategy

Made difficult by:Suspicious governments, distrusting unions and misunderstanding customersDifferences in demands of MNE and subsidiaryManager was involved in creation of strategy and therefore might have to implement something he was against

Top-Level Corporate Management

Providing Direction and Purpose

Leveraging Corporate Performance

rely on control mechanisms that are personal and proactive instead of giving straight top-down help Give struggling people clear responsibilities and rewards and provide them with what they need instead of just sending in an expert to fix the situation

Ensuring Continual Renewal

prevent mission from becoming outdated