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TEDxSP by Mind Map: TEDxSP
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It occurred to me that you might be able to get a lot of good ideas and material from several published articles about the Knight center, and about Dan and me.  The two most recent issues of the Cronkite journal have some good descriptions and pull quotes that might be useful, and there was a lengthy article about journalism and entrepreneurship done by the New York Times last April that prominently features the Cronkite school, and mentions the Knight center and Dan Gillmor. At the very least.  You probably should link to these three articles.  In the about page, I want to make sure that the following are included in some fashion ...  our (my) unique and very specific approach to Entrepreneurship;  relevant attractive aspects of Dan's caerer and my career;  digital media focus and of course the focus on student success via handfs on experience, real world outcomes. Ultimately, my goal is to position the Knight center to be like MIT media Lab, only instead, to be more renowned for entrepreneurship focus than for a scientific focus.   We may not be able to impart this positioning in the current round of the website (because we're not there yet with our progress), but at least you know my intent. Hopefully, some of this helps a little. CJ



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