Author Study: Ezra Jack Keats (Preschool)

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Author Study: Ezra Jack Keats (Preschool) by Mind Map: Author Study: Ezra Jack Keats (Preschool)

1. Peter's Chair

1.1. Create representations of chairs using popsicle sticks.

1.2. Map out your house. Where are furniture, doors, windows located?

1.3. Everybody contributes to paint and decorate a wooden chair for the classroom.

2. Pet Show!

2.1. Students bring in stuffed animal "pets" and put on a pet show

2.2. Create ribbons at the art center to be presented to the favorite pets.

2.3. Create an obstacle course for pets and students as well!

3. Whistle For Willie

3.1. Sequence the story and act out

3.2. Bring props for dress up, as Peter did in the story.

3.3. Experiment with beat and rhythm as we try to make music with simple whistles.

4. Dreams

4.1. Experiment with shadows

4.2. Create mice using shape cut-outs

4.3. Create "dreams" using chalk and dark paper

4.4. Discuss time of day in reference to story

5. A Letter To Amy

5.1. Write letters to friends in class

5.2. Letters will be delivered by the class postman throughout the week

5.3. Using watercolors at art center, paint a stormy sky.