eP: Initial Training

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eP: Initial Training by Mind Map: eP: Initial Training

1. Jan 2 and 3

2. Widget for eLearn landing page and course landing pages

2.1. MSA - 2 minute why and welcome

2.2. What is an eP?

2.2.1. Product vs process: ILO | EES alignment Framed differently for students

2.2.2. Why would I want one?

2.3. What is an artefact? What do I do with it?

2.4. Putting it all together!

2.4.1. Artefact - Collection - Presentation

2.5. Where can I get help?

2.5.1. Tech Bar @ Fennell Hours?

2.5.2. Collaboratory Hours: 8-10

2.5.3. Chat Hours: 8-9

2.5.4. FAQ page on Library can hold links to specific actions

3. ILO course

3.1. eP Modules in course

3.1.1. VPA - 2 minute why and welcome

3.1.2. Same videos from above, but different slant Where to get help more granular: decision tree

3.1.3. What we can do for you! Activities and assessments to meet the ILOs | EESs a couple of larger multi-session activities incorporating 2+ ILOs several, small examples of how to capture an ILO or EES several examples how to extend a 'typical' activity to include an eP artefact or reflection contribution Formal community of practice building weekly meetings Inspiring Minds Lunch and Learn | Birds of a Feather Informal community of practice building discussion forum with specific topics Twitter? Back channel? RSS feed? Evaluation and assessment Faculty will assess and evaluate, but team will evaluate and assess the eP product Forms and templates For branded look of ePs at the school level (program level?) Templates for reflections