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Loyalty operations by Mind Map: Loyalty operations
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Loyalty operations


Solution: Centralisation

Solution: Contact-less card

Solution: Magnetic card

New ideas

Idea: Improve redemption opportunities

Idea: Want to move from 15m to 18m active members

Idea: Desire to offer 121 deals at the till

Parking lot

Is there a code of conduct issue for pharmacy data


Problem: Inconsistent customer offer across channels

Problem: Can't redeem points on-line

Problem: Double dipping

Problem: Different offer in ROI stores

Problem: No systemic control over customer contact

Problem: Can't age points on card

Problem: There is a central copy of customer data but 24 hrs out of date

Problem: Cost of current cards too expensive

Problem: Can’t award points over the phone (e.g. for customer service)

Problem: Can’t be as versatile or tailored as a centralised card can be


Opportunity: Kiosk drives £21m increase in sales

Opportunity: What do competitors, who centralise card points, do better?

Opportunity: Managing the clubs more effectively

Opportunity: Contactless card

Opportunity: Combine staff and adcard

New node