The relationship tree for Things Fall Apart

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The relationship tree for Things Fall Apart by Mind Map: The relationship tree for Things Fall Apart

1. Mr. Brown : The first white missionary to come to Umuofia who was well respected and likes by the clans. However, had to leave because of his health

1.1. Reverend James Smith : The missionary that replaced Mr. Brown. Unlike Mr. Brown, Reverend Smith was more demanding, strict and also could described as a stereotypical white colonialists.

1.1.1. Enoch

1.2. Akunna : One of the clan leaders of Umuofia. Akunna and Mr. Brown always discussed about their religious belief.

2. Okwonko

2.1. Unoka : Okwonko's deceased father.Okwonko has been always seemed to be ashamed of his father by the fact that he was a coward, always borrowed money from other clansmen and never became a warrior because of his fear of blood.

2.2. Amalinze the Cat : A great wrestler that Okwonko had beaten during his youth.

2.3. Nwoye : Okwonko's oldest son that he believes he is lazy and weak. Okwonko constantly beats Nwoye hoping to correct him. However even with Okwonko's corrections, Nwyoe continues to doubt about his own tribe's religions and laws and eventually converts into a Christian.

2.3.1. Mr. Kiaga : A converted Christian missionary who goes Mbanta and converts Nwoye and the others to a Christian and also tries to be the interpreter between the two sides (tribe and the Christians).

2.4. Ekwefi : Okwonko's second wife who was once called the village beauty. After seeing Okwonko wrestling she decided to ran away from her first husband to marry Okwonko.

2.4.1. Ezinma : The only one of Ekwefi’s ten children to survive. Also she is the child that Okwonko adore for the fact that she understands him better than any of his other children and always wishes that Enzima was a boy which will be his perfect son.

2.4.2. Chielo : The priestess in Umuofia and also a good friend of Ekwefi

2.5. Obiageli : The daughter of Okonkwo’s first wife who is influenced over Enzinma

2.6. Ikemefuna : A young given to Umuofia by a neighboring village to prevent war. He live with Okwonko and his family for 3 years and becomes popular to Okwonko's kids (especially becomes close to Nwoye). Okwonko looks Ikemefuna as his son however had to contribute to his death because of the fear that he (Okwonko) would be considered weak within the clans.

2.7. Ojiugo : Okwonko's third wife.

2.7.1. Nkechi : The daughter of Ojiugo

2.8. Uchendu : The younger brother of Okwonko's mother. He warmly welcomes Okwonko and his family when they arrive at Mbanta and helps them physically and mentally during their stay.

2.9. Obierika : Okwonko's close friend and always seems to look out for Okwonko. Obierika helps Okwonko by selling Okwonko's yams so that his friend won't financially suffer and also constantly comforts him (Okwonko) during his 7 year exile.

2.10. Ogbuefi Ezeudu : The oldest man in the village. Also one of the most important member/ leader of the clan. He is the one who warns Okwonko to not participate in Ikemefuna's death and also Okwonko was claimed guilty for accidentally killing a boy during Ezeudu's funeral.

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