European Nations Settle North America

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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North America

1. Competing Claims in North America

1.1. Explorers Establish New France

1.1.1. Giovanni da Verrazzano discover what is today New York Harbor.

1.1.2. Jacques Cartier reached a gulf off the eastern coast of Canada that led to a broad river and named it St. Lawrence.

1.1.3. Samuel de Champlain found Quebec known as New France.

1.2. A Trading Empire

1.2.1. By 1760, population had grown to 65,000.

1.2.2. The French were less interested in occupying territories than they were in making money off the land.

2. The English Arrive in North America

2.1. The Settlement at Jametown

2.1.1. First permanent settlement in North America. More interested in gold and seven out of ten people died in the first few years.

2.2. Puritans Create a "New England"

2.2.1. Pilgrims founded a second English colony, Plymouth. Puritans sought religious freedom from England's Anglican Church.

2.3. The Dutch Found New Netherland

2.3.1. Henry Hudson explore three waterways- the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait.

3. Native Americas Respond

3.1. A Strained Relationship

3.1.1. French and Dutch settlers developed a mostly cooperative relationship with the Native Americans because of the mutual benefits of the fur trade.

3.2. Settlers and Native Americans Battle

3.2.1. Metacom (King Philip) led an attack on colonial villages throughout Massachusetts.

3.3. Natives Fall to Disease

3.3.1. Many people died from diseases. This led to severe shortage of labor in the colonists. Europeans turned to Africans in order to meet their growing labor needs.

4. The Struggle for North America

4.1. The English Oust the Dutch

4.1.1. The Duke of York drove the Dutch out and claimed the colony for England and renamed it New York.

4.2. England Battles France

4.2.1. The French and Indian War was between the British and French over the Ohio Valley. The British won.